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PlantPaper is

Tree-Free, Toxin-Free

Toilet Paper.



'A three-ply, gently dimpled paper the color of an oat milk cappuccino.'


-Vanity Fair


'A low-impact, high quality product that families can actually afford.'


-Mold Magazine


'I am never going back to any other kind! Way softer than the recycled ones we were using.'


-Lisa J.


'Low-impact, organic, and chemical-free, it's a wonder we even used anything else before.'




No more TP shopping in a store for me! I cannot recommend this company and its product highly enough!


-Ken W., Los Angeles

There is a better way.

Made from fast-growing, FSC-certified bamboo. Never from trees. Stronger, more absorbent, and made entirely without the use of bleaching agents and other harmful chemicals.

Delivered to your door in
100% plastic-free packaging.

PlantPaper’s chipboard cartons and shipping boxes are 100% recycled, recyclable, compostable, and free of dyes and coating. Our entire supply chain, from manufacturing to your door, is completely plastic-free.

3 ply

Larger sheet size

No bleach, formaldehyde, or BPA.

Double sided

Septic Safe

Softer, Stronger, Smarter.

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